Best Places to Visit in Connecticut

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Connecticut is a beautiful place that offers spectacular sights and breathtaking landscapes. From golden beaches, verdant forests, historical sights, cultural landmarks, to crashing waterfalls – there’s so much to see. But with so many spots for your next Connecticut vacation, it can be overwhelming to choose your destination. Here is a rundown of the best places to visit in Connecticut.

Mystic River

This is a lovely spot for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll find all types of vessels and many great things like the Children’s Museum, Charles W. Morgan, and 19th Century Seafaring Village. If you want to get the most out of your Connecticut Vacation, the Mystic River is a must-see. And before you get home, don’t forget to stop for a meal at Olde Mistick Village which has one of the best modern kitchen design.

Hammonasset Beach State Park

If you’re looking for a place you can relax and kick back, you can’t go wrong with Hammonasset Beach State Park. You can stroll along the boardwalk or relax in the sun – the place never gets crowded. Apart from the expansive beach, the park offers loads of activities to make your Connecticut vacation enjoyable like:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • camping

If you want to have an unforgettable Connecticut vacation destination, you should visit the park during summer.

Silver Sands State Park

The Silver Sands State Park in Milford is dominated by Seashells, boardwalks, sandy beaches, and shorebirds. It consists of 297 acres of dunes, beach, woods, restored salt marsh, and open areas.

During your Connecticut vacation, you can visit the interior of Charles Island because it’s connected to egret rockeries and heron. After you enjoy incredible wildlife, be sure to leave early before the tide comes in.

Gillette Castle State Park

When you step into Gillette Castle State Park, you can explore the creative work of William Gillette. The castle was created between 1914 -1919 and can be a great Connecticut vacation destination. The interior is unique and has amazing treasures like Steampunk –like door latches and carved wooden light switches. Away from the castle, you’ll find elegant gardens with hiking trails.

Wadsworth Falls State Park

If you’re looking for a Connecticut vacation destination that will meet and exceed your expectations, you can’t go wrong with Wadsworth Falls State Park. You can hike the varied trails or visit the designated swimming area. While there, be sure to visit the giant Mt. Laurel and the Big Falls. Within the park, there are two natural waterfalls: the little falls and big falls.

The little fall is located on Wadsworth Brook and drops about 12 feet. On the other hand, the big falls drop to the foot of Coginchaug River. In addition to the amazing scenery, the park allows for stream fishing.

New Haven

New Haven offers cool and unusual things to meet the expectation of your Connecticut vacation. If you want to learn about culture, you should explore Yale Art University. Here, you’ll find inspiring the works of Picasso, Degas, and Van Gogh. In addition to that, you’ll find great designs of modern artists.

Another place you can learn a bit of culture is the Peabody Museum of Natural History. And at the heart of New Haven, you’ll find a town hugged by Victorian and Gothic buildings. Other unusual attractions in new haven include:

Slow Down in Old Saybrook, CT

Your Connecticut vacation won’t be complete without a visit to Saybrook. The relaxing and restorative atmosphere allows visitors to explore the loneliness of nature. Old Saybrook has marvelous vintage and several antique stores.

This small town also allows for recreational activities on foot or by bike. There are over 1000 acres preserved for flora and wildlife. If you like the scenic route, you can explore the seven miles coastline.

While there, you can tour the Connecticut River that creates miles of marinas, beaches, and many water activities. You may want to slow down to enjoy the view.

After you explore the waterfront, you should head to the main street. You’ll find independently owned shops, grocery stores, and antique shops. This is a great place to relax after running your weekly errands. And there are plenty of food options that cater to your unique experiences.

Unlike most of its coastal cousins, the old Saybrook doesn’t hibernate after temperatures drop. It allows the last leaves to flutter to the ground.

The downtown main street encompasses Frank Stevenson Archives, General William Hart House, and a historic garden. If you’re planning to visit this great place during your Connecticut vacation, be sure to confirm the hours of operation.

Enders Falls State Park

Enders Falls State Park is a popular spot for swimming, easy strolls, and cliff jumping. As you head down the Enders brook, you’ll find many trails that converge on the gravel path.

Downstream, there’s a gravel path with stones and wood rail. Plus, the steep sides comprise a series of falls. Since the trail is well constructed, there’s good access for individuals who want to take an adventure during their Connecticut vacation. When you head to the cliff area, you’ll find the second waterfall. There is also a stretch of stones that loops to the gravel path.

While at the park, you can tour the over 2,000 acres of Enders State Forest. There’s even an open road that is slowly being reclaimed by nature. Even better, part of the forest allows for deer hunting and archery.

Explore the Litchfield Hills

Litchfield Hills offers bucolic landscapes and charming villages. It’s bordered in Massachusetts to the North and New York to the west. You’ll find:

  • Well-preserved colonial houses
  • State parks
  • County inns
  • Antique shops

But what makes Litchfield hills a must-see in your next Litchfield Hills vacation is the unique scenery and style. After you explore the historical inns and museums, you should walk to Mohawk Mountain. It’s the best hiking place but has something for everyone – a reason why you should make it part of your Connecticut vacation.

Take a picnic at Hopkins Vineyard

The Hopkins Vineyard sits at a perched hill that overlooks the Hopkins Vineyard. This is a perfect spot for wine lovers who want to get the best out of their Connecticut vacation. This farm has been part of the Hopkins family for 225 years.

When you get here, you can book a wine tour and shop for the perfect gift. You can also buy a bottle of wine and take it with your food. But what makes Hopkins Vineyard unique is that you can get to the picnic tables and glasses. The Hopkins family takes great care at producing award-winning reds and white wines.


Greenwich was established in the 17th century and has everything for every traveler. This sophisticated town is a great place for Connecticut vacation destination. It’s also suitable for a romantic getaway. If you’re an art lover, you can visit the Bush Holly House which was once the center of America’s impressionism.

Greenwich Point Park offers miles of hiking trails, not to mention, you can get a spectacular view of the New York City skyline.

Stonington Connecticut

When someone mentions Connecticut vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is a visit to Stonington. This is a charming historic town that caters to the needs of history buffs. It’s full of beautiful views of ships and lavish Victorian mansions.

In the Light Old House, you’ll learn everything to do with whaling, farming history, and sailing. Don’t forget to explore the saltwater farm and vineyards.

Unwind at Whimsical Woodstock Connecticut

Woodstock is a charming place that will make your Connecticut vacation feel like no other. It’s referred to as the quiet corner of Connecticut. This town is tranquil so you can leave all your stress behind. You can also tour the splendid Roseland Cottage. There’s also a marvel at Gothic revival architecture that hosts exhibitions throughout the year.

Shore Line Trolley Museum

The Shore Line Trolley Museum is located in East Haven, Connecticut. So, what makes this place a great Connecticut vacation destination? If you’re a true history buff, you’ll be amazed by what you see here. Since its incorporation in 1945, the museum has maintained exhibits for decades.

You can spend a few hours on the 1.5 miles track to get a feel of the surroundings. There are also over 100 transit vehicles housed here. The collection includes motor buses and trackless trolleys. Most of the trolleys were built in the 1880s and were used to travel for a short distance.

The streetcars pay special emphasis on the historic streetcar system. You’ll also learn how people’s lives changed.

Saville Dam

The Saville Dam is one of Connecticut’s true architectural marvels that have stood the test of time. But what makes it a unique Connecticut vacation spot is its amazing capacity. It’s 590 meters long, 41 feet tall, and has a spillway on the western portion.

This dam was named after the chief engineer, Mills Saville. Surprisingly, most Connecticut residents don’t realize that when they turn on the faucets for shows, the water comes from Saville Dam. It remains the largest drinking reservoir in the state. When full, this water reservoir can hold about 30.3 gallons of water.

Saville Dam is also visually-appealing and blends well with natural rivers. And instead of a straight line, it features a convex curve. The gatehouse tower is also visually appealing. No wonder some people call it a castle due to the circular design- the construction seems difficult from an engineering perspective. The dam must have been challenging to construct, and that’s why it’s a must-see in your next Connecticut vacation.

The upper gatehouse is made of concrete and has a base of 115 feet. Because the water is gravity-fed, less electricity is used to pump water to Hartford. When you walk down the Barkhamsted reservoir, you’ll never think of your home water storage the same way.

New London, Connecticut

New London has a lot to offer for every traveler. It’s known for:

  • Rich maritime history
  • Gorgeous seaside parks
  • Fantastic seafood

New London has the largest whaling port and is home to the US Coast Guard Academy. If you’re a water lover, you can explore the stunning white-sand beach. There’s also an Olympic freshwater pool with a unique sun-soaked getaway.

While there, you can tour the United Coast Guard Academy Museum. It has unique exhibits that consist of cannons, uniforms, rescue equipment, ceremonial swords, and figureheads.

Another notable landmark is Fort Trumbull State Park. Since it was opened in the year 2000, the park has invited visitors from around the world to get an up-close view of cannons and artillery. The park also features a 19th century living quarters.

When it comes to the dining options, New London has a lot to offer. If you enjoy seafood, you can satiate your taste buds at Captain Scotts Lobster Dock. You can make an order of:

  • Flaky fried fish
  • Whole bellies
  • Butter-splashed lobster roll

If you like baked foods, the Muddy Water’s Café is a sure bet. It offers an assortment of baked foods, love salad, and sandwiches. The salad consists of salami, lettuce, tomatoes, grated parmesan, etc.

After you enjoy your Connecticut vacation, there is a chain of lodging options to choose from. One of the favorite places for many visitors is the Spicer mansion. It offers a locally procured breakfast and has the loftiest views. You can also book a room at Steamboat Inn. Here, you’ll find many shops and restaurants that meet the needs of every visitor.


Guilford is also known as Green Town and combines residential and summer community. It stretches 12 miles and offers a charming atmosphere for any visitor who wants to have the best Connecticut vacation. One of the unique characteristics of the town is abutting streets.

The green town offers family-friendly events and is blessed with nature’s treasures like forests, rivers, hills, lakes, and more. Therefore, visitors can spend time biking, hiking, or relax at the beach. Whether you enjoy a Segway tour or you prefer a leisure stroll, Guildford has something for everyone.

It’s time you enjoy your Connecticut vacation.