Best Ways to Vacation in Green Bay if you’re not a Packers Cheesehead

Green Bay


Most of the attention that Green Bay attracts revolves around Lambeau Field, and for good reason. The Green Bay Packers have ardent fans. And if you call yourself a Packers Cheesehead, the town is filled with alluring attractions designed to engage your love for the team, including the Packers Heritage Trail, the Packers Hall of Fame, and the Packers training camp, to mention but a few.

But what about those people that couldn’t care less about the Green Bay Packers? Does the town have anything to offer them? Believe it or not, Green Bay is a great vacation spot for families, especially in the summer.

If you think that the town only exists to cater to the needs of football fanatics, the following attractions will change your mind:

National Railroad Museum
National Railroad Museum

1). National Railroad Museum

The railroad museum in Green Bay has been in operation since 1956. Designed to honor America’s railroad history, the museum has one of the most impressive collections of railroad photos, archives, and engines. The museum is bound to keep historians and train enthusiasts occupied for several hours on end, especially if they choose to pay for the 25-minute train trip.


bay beach amusement park green bay
Bay Beach Amusement Park

2). Bay Beach Amusement Park

Like the National Railroad Museum, the Bay Beach Amusement Park is historically important. Located on the shores of the town, the park has one of the oldest wooden coasters in the country. According to rumors, it was Elvis Presley’s favorite coaster. If you have children and teens, the amusement park has other rides, not to mention an area for young children.

green bay botanical gardens
Green Bay Botanical Gardens

3). Botanical Gardens

The Green Bay Botanical Gardens can accommodate your entire family. The lush green grounds are home to various rare plants. Regardless of the time of year you choose to visit, the gardens always have a plant or flower in bloom.

Children have a special area that includes a treehouse and a maze, not to mention a slide. The gardens offer tours and educational programs. If you need an attraction that can keep every member of your family occupied, you don’t have to look any further than the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

bay beach wildlife sanctuary
Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

4). Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want a more substantial attraction than the Green Bay Botanical Gardens, try the wildlife sanctuary. It sits on 600 acres of land. Unlike the botanical gardens, the sanctuary has both plants and animals on display. You couldn’t ask for a better destination for both individuals and families. You can take advantage of skiing and hiking trails.

Automobile Gallery Green Bay
Green Bay Automobile Gallery

5). Automobile Gallery

Some people think that the automobile gallery only appeals to car enthusiasts. But that isn’t the case. Even if you don’t have the slightest interest in cars, give the gallery a chance. It will surprise you with the amount of fun it can deliver.

The gallery has a massive collection of vehicles. The renovated Cadillac dealership opened its doors decades ag0. Today, the cars it has on display represent a century of history in the automobile industry.

Green Bay cannot escape its ties to the Packers. However, you shouldn’t let anyone fool you into thinking that the town has nothing to offer people like you that do not support the team.