The Promotion of Tourism in India

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India is a vast and fascinating country, which offers its tourist a tremendous amount of opportunities. Offering fantastic value for money and with plenty of visitor’s spots, India will continue to be one of the most popular vacation areas in the world. The booming tourism industry has given so much strength to the economy of India. Tourism in India will continue to grow as the industry manages to invest and develop the many tourist spots.

The tourism in India will continue to grow manifold. There are so many places to so many places; the number of places is always increasing. So to speak, there is a place for every tourist. Every tourist wants to visit all the tourist places of India. Visiting all the tourist places of India will be a occupies lifetime for a tourist.

To be able to explore the various tourist attractions of India, touring companies always come up with many attractive and useful tour packages. The tour packages also differ depending upon the region of India and the country one is travelling from.

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Hire private car as it is quite costly

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You can go to any place in India that you have always dreamt of.

The Government of India has launched a new service called called the numerous tourist routes.

The service is being provided by all the private car rental companies..

It is a very serious move as the traffic of India is becoming more and more congested. The number of personal vehicles on the road is increasing day by day. According to latest industry indicators, the personal vehicle sales manifold has crossed the 20 million mark. It has also become a pre-must for all the corporate organizations.

Now a days, it has become a rare leisure that a huge fleet of autos queuing at theirnos. The long term projected figures would be more than 25 million.

Now the Government of India has launched a new campaign where every family will be provided with an auto. The personal car rentals have also gotten a great hold over the tourists. Also a number of automo companies have entered the parted car market. These automatically driven mini-buses have started a marvelous journey in the most untouched areas. Tourists all over the country are now using the new car rentals. Also in various towns of India, brand new autos are getting a great lease on offer. Recently auto companies have enterprisingly quiet Kerala to get great response from the people of that state. Amazingly these autos have become an ever-popular among the common people.

New Auto Races Have Been held in India on nearly a number of occasions. The race held at Solangnala was the last one. It was held recently at the amazed January Coliseum. All the 11 races were held at the magnificent stadium. It was also the venue for one of the most dazzling Formula One Historic Grand Prix in India.

The Auto City event in New Delhi is a premier event in the Formula One calendar. The race held there every year in the month of January. It was perhaps the best organized and announced race in the history of F1. The Auto City event is the only one, which is held in a wet and dry season. The season runs for 6 days, from Saturday to Monday. This famous race is uppermost in the Formula One calendar. The Indian kitty is worth about $6.5 million. The Manor- Ferrari- sponsor organized the race on the Island of Como.

The Russian Grand Prix was canceled due to a snow emergency. The race was scheduled to be held at the famous Suzuka venue. It is highly regarded in Japan. The race was run for the second time this year. Despite the emergency and the bad weather, the Suzuka venue offers good conditions for the race. The course is located 17 kilometers away from the city of Tokyo. The famous course passes through 2 watchtowers. The first one can be considered a valley while the other one is a ravine.

It is estimated that the Japanese Grand Prix has become one of the most spectacular formula one races in the world. The City of Tokyo and the race venue have won the 6th time in a row. The race in Suzuka is absolutely one of the highlights in the whole calendar. The city of Tokyo arranged the race with an exhilarating result. They were bidding for not only the constructors’ championship of construction training, but also the constructors’ victory.

The Malaysian Grand Prix has once again been held at the historic Sepang race track. The track is located some 14 kilometers from the city Kuala Lumpur. Once again it is considered as one of the main races in the Formula One calendar. The Malaysian Grand Prix takes place on one of the most famous circuits in the world.