Fun Things for the Family to Do in Texas

Texas Vacation


Texas offers fun and friendly activities for the whole family – from rich culture to natural beauty. Here are some fun things for the family to do in Texas.

Spend time in San Antonio

San Antonio boasts of rich history and entertainment. It’s the best family Texas vacation spot that allows visitors to experience up-close animal encounters. History buffs will get lots of information about early settlers of Texas from the Institute for Texan Cultures. This educational museum has artifacts that will wow every visitor.

Another feature that makes visitors choose San Antonio as their favorite Family Texas Vacation destination is the 15-mile Riverwalk. During holidays, they host special events like the River Parade and Ford Holiday Palace.

After that, you can take your family to San Antonio Zoo that hosts over 3000 animals from around the globe. You can check out the largest collection of hippos, zebras, elephants, etc.

Relax at Texas Beaches

If you want to make your family’s Texas vacation unforgettable, you should explore the beaches. There are miles of sand that bring a laidback big City thrill.

The top favorite is Port Aransas Beach – it’s a haven for beachgoers and fishing enthusiasts. The vibe for this town is laidback, and you get plenty of shops and restaurants. Another great spot is Mustang State park. It offers spacious areas for the kids to play in the sand.

The East is another relaxing spot for families that want a half dozen beaches. It’s also a great place where architects make eye-popping creations while architects host an annual sand competition. Other beaches that will give your family a memorable experience include:

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

Grapevine Vintage Railroad offers a unique experience that takes you back to the 1900s. It’s considered the epitome of sophistication for your family Texas vacation. Depending on your needs, you can choose the ride option that suits you best. Every Saturday, there’s a Polar Bear Express Ride.

Visitors can also take a 21-mile ride and return to the grapevine two hours later. On the main street, you’ll find the Grapevine Depot. Plus, the historic district offers dining, shopping, and entertainment avenues.

The railroad hosts thousands of events every year – you can be sure you’ll be rounded up by the brave little boys. If you’re looking for an adult-oriented event, the Jazz Wine Train is the best fit.

Amarillo Zoo

Amarillo Zoo was founded in 1955 and offers wonders to the animal world and children of all ages. There are over 60 animal species including:

  • Kangaroos
  • Lions
  • Pythons
  • Amphibians
  • Birds
  • Reptiles

But what makes the zoo the perfect place for a family Texas vacation is the live animal shows. The other best time to visit is in the morning when all animals are active. And after you’re done with the zoo, you can explore the scenic trails and picnic areas. It’s worth mentioning that Amarillo Zoo has plenty of playgrounds that surround the park.

Explore Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo is home to more than 7000 native animals and can provide an entire day of fun in your next family Texas vacation. Visitors can explore 2.5 acres piece of land and get eye-to-eye with some of the endangered species. And after an adventurous day, you can plan for an overnight stay. On a hot day, you can still learn more about the animals and cool off.

Every year, the zoo offers programs to help kids learn about wildlife. Children can receive a hands-on approach and application principles as they get up-close with the animals. No matter the time of the year you visit, there’s always something waiting for you.

Franklin Drive-through Safari

The Franklin Drive-through Safari can bring fun and joy in the air for your family Texas vacation trip. Your kids will be thrilled standing close to enclosures of monkeys, wildebeest, and zebras. And in drive-through safaris, animals can peer into the vehicles.

Most visitors love to explore the 10-acre walking section. It’s an easy spot for animals like:

  • Camels
  • Giraffes
  • Kangaroos
  • Anteaters

You can also make friends with monkeys by giving them their favorite peanuts. After the tour, you should check at the petting zoos and enjoy evening campfires. If you want to give the kids an extra-special experience in your family Texas vacation trip, you should enter the baby family room. This allows them to have one-on-one interaction with adorable animals.

Visit Fire Museum

The Fire Museum is a must-visit in your family Texas vacation trip bucket list – for good reasons. Built in 1927, the museum is an example of Renaissance Revival architecture. And without a doubt, the largest Fire Hydrant in the world. Most of the exhibits trace back to the 1800s.

If your kids want to explore their creativity, they can dress like firefighters and sit on a real firefighting engine.

The Great Big Outdoors

Texas offers tons of activities that will keep the little ones thrilled. You can start your adventure at the Dinosaur Valley State Park. Families can spot prehistoric tracks of dinosaurs. To ensure your best experience, you should get:

  • An animal tracking key
  • Binoculars
  • Sketching book
  • A magnifying glass

Another way you can make your family Texas vacation trip unforgettable is by visiting the National Bridge Wildlife Park. The 100-acre drive-through allows visitors to get up-close with animals like:

  • Rhinos
  • Zebras
  • Wildebeest
  • Ostrich
  • Giraffes

Visit the Aquariums

Your family will enjoy a visit to some of the best aquariums in the city. For instance, the Austin Aquarium is home to over 8000 living animals and has 35 exhibits. Here, you’ll see everything from zebra to alligators.

Another place that will make your family Texas vacation a worthwhile experience is the Texas State Aquarium. It features three levels of educational exhibits and offers daily shows. The exhibit has over 400,000 gallons of water and is home to the Atlantic dolphin.

Still, your family will have fun exploring the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. It features seven exhibits, so your kids will see a variety of aquatic animals like:

  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Fish
  • Sea urchins
  • Slipper lobster
  • Horseshoe crabs
  • Anemones

Visit Big Bend National Park

Big bend was once an inhospitable area with dirt roads. Today, it has become a popular vacation destination for residents of Texas. The diverse wildlife, scenic vistas, and dark skies are some of the features that visitors will enjoy.

The dirt roads and paved highways will give an incredible experience. Here, you’ll find thousands of bird species that take refuge in the solitary mountain.

If you want to experience the best family Texas vacation experience, the Big bend has hiking trails waiting to be explored. There are more than 150 miles of trails with elevations that range up to 1500 feet. You’ll also find an exceptional variety of birds and animals. You can hike the mountains, dessert, or the river.

Visit Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History helps you uncover many years of history from Doc McGregor’s collection to Corpus Christi History hall. Your family can explore 500 years of rocks, coastal creatures, etc. Corpus Christi Museum was established in 1952 and works as a scenic harbor waterfront.

But the reason why the museum will give the best family Texas experience is the rich education that goes beyond the classroom situation.

Every year, the museum serves thousands of visitors and promotes science exploration, history, and educational programming. You’ll also find artifacts that inspire curiosity and understanding. While there, you can enjoy amenities like:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • View of the beach
  • Taking of scenic photos

Every second Sunday of the month, the Museum hosts activities designed for families.

Cave Without a Name

This is a natural landmark that welcomes guests for hiking adventures, tours, and RV camping. It’s located 11 miles east of Boerne. You can take your family to the six major rooms and allow them to experience an adventure that they will remember forever.

If you’re in a larger group, you can experience the best performers that Texas has to offer. The cave without a Name allows for activities like:

  • Geode cutting
  • Gemstone panning
  • Camping
  • Hiking

If your children are less than 6 years old, they will gain free entry. Plus, special rates are available for groups of over 15 people.

Green Meadows Farm

If you want to give your loved ones an unforgettable Texas vacation experience, you can’t go wrong with the Green Meadows Farm. This classic petting zoo features over 150 friendly animals and allows visitors to candle their favorite pet. In addition to that, the zoo offers a variety of farm activities like goat runs, pony rides, goat milking, etc.

The farm is open from May to October – there’s even a pumpkin patch. During the spring season, the farm organizes events for the kids. This is where they get up-close with the farm animals like goats, chickens, rabbits, and sheep. Other events that will give your kids endless fun are:

  • Barnyard Playground
  • Sit on real tractors
  • Glide on hay wagon slide
  • Visit the friendly animals

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is set on a 180-acre property and is dedicated to the conservation of endangered species. Visitors can expect to see animals like:

  • Giraffes
  • Antelopes
  • Cheetah

Out of the 1100 animals on the farm, 16 are endangered. To ensure you have the best family Texas vacation, the center allows you to drive 7 miles in a car. You can also purchase the animal feed from the visitor center.

Dragon Lady Airboats

Dragon Lady Airboats offer unmatched fun. To ensure your family fun vacation is unique, you should book your tours early.

You can take a 1.5-hour airboat adventure and take an exciting ride through the Blue Elbow Swamp. While there, you can see hogs, alligators, deer, raccoons, and birds. Alternatively, you can go for a half-day fishing charter that takes 4 hours. It includes a scenic boat ride for no more than three passengers.

At dusk, you can go for a 2-hour airboat adventure. You’ll see the alligators and frogs – and appreciate the breathtaking view at dusk. Keep in mind Dragon Lady Airboats offers private tours.

Caldwell Zoo

If you want to have a one-of-a-kind family Texas vacation experience, you can get up-close with the animals at Caldwell Zoo. It’s a great time to get outdoors, breathe some fresh air, and celebrate nature. Some of the highlights about the zoo are:

  • Children’s petting zoo
  • African Savanah – home to elephants, lions, and giraffes
  • Two-acre North American Plains

Between March and November, the air is filled with colorful birds. You can also take a guided tour to explore penguins and reptiles.

cypress lake ranch lunch

Cypress Lake Lunch

The Cypress Lake Ranch offers amazing adventures that allow visitors to experience what goes around a real farm. Your kids will love interacting with the animals. Besides animal they will also show you how farm equipment works and show you how to do a bucket truck inspection.  So the next time you ask, “where is a bucket truck inspection near me,” you know the answer. Also, they can take a pony ride or stroll around the lake. And for those visitors who want to bring something to their home, they can buy some organic produce, eggs, or homemade dog treats.

Aside from produce, the farm offers grounds to celebrate your anniversary, wedding, birthday, or corporate event. You may want to book your space early.

Visit Dallas Cowboys and Cotton Ball Stadium

The Cotton Ball Stadium has been an iconic part of Dallas. Since 1932, the stadium has been hosting the best games to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts. Over the years, it has hosted top games like FIFA World Cup, MLS Soccer, and Gold Cup Games.

Imagine the excitement in your family Texas vacation shouting for the Dallas Cowboys. The AT&T stadium offers tours that appeal to people of different ages. In the afternoon, you should let your family throw a ball and admire the art around the stadium.

Tour McKenna Children’s Museum

The McKenna children’s museum will give your family hands-on learning. No matter the age, your kids will have something that interests them. Some of the activities waiting to be explored include:

  • Creating artistic masterpieces
  • Outdoor imagination playground
  • Pretending to the astronauts in-destination space

There’s also a small café that serves kid-friendly foods.

Explore Dallas

Your family Texas vacation won’t be complete without exploring the Dallas ft. Worth Metroplex. This is an extremely family-friendly place that meets the needs of every visitor. Some of the popular hotels are:

  • Lakeway resort
  • Hilton Anatole
  • Four Seasons Hotel Houston
  • La Cantera Resort and Spa
  • Moody Gardens Hotel