Top Things to Do on Boulder, CO Vacation

Boulder, CO


Boulder is a big city with about 100,000 people and still manages to retain a small-town vibe. Whether you want to get your adrenaline pumping or a relaxed experience, Boulder has a lot to offer. Here is what you should include in your vacation checklist.

Hike at Chautauqua Park or Eldorado Canyon State Park

Chautauqua Park is perched on the southwest edge of the city and has 40 miles of hiking trails. You can hike through Canyons or Flatirons – there are many options to choose from. The numerous paths await bikers, dog walkers, and picnickers. If you want to be a little adventurous, you can explore the rugged mountains nearby.

Another reason why you should include Chautauqua in your vacation list is the fact that it makes for a great getaway. And with the cottages and rooms, it’s hard to beat accommodations like this while you’re hiking right out your backdoor.

Visitors are also blown away by the dining options. After a hike, you can grab your lunch and breakfast at the Chautauqua dining hall.

Shop at Pearl Street Mall

If you want to have a vibrant Boulder vacation, the Pearl Street Mall is the perfect place for an evening stroll. Stretching from 8th to 20th street, this buzzing thoroughfare has laid-back cafes and trendy galleries.

You’ll find some unique shops and chains Starbucks. There’s also an eclectic mix of boutiques and iconic stores to ensure you have a memorable experience. If you’re not more of a shopper, you’ll still be thrilled by entertaining street performances.

Visit Boulder Breweries

Your boulder vacation won’t be complete without a visit to the breweries. But this is not just your average town – many breweries have helped to kick off the craft beer revolution.

If you love beer, you can make your stop at Avery Brewing Co. Since it was started in 1993, the brewery has kept its signature beers (El Gose and The Reverend) at the top of the game. While this is a good reason to stop by, the BBQ plate is sure to satisfy the carnivores.

Another brewery is the Boulder Beer Co. On Mondays and Sundays, they offer free tours from 2-4 pm. You’ll understand the behind the scenes and brewing process. After the tour, you can grab a drink.

Don’t forget to explore the Upslope Brewing Company. It offers a variety of beers, and there’s something new for every beer drinker.

As you enjoy your Boulder vacation, you should visit the three wineries and two cideries. Whether you’re taking a distillery tour or behind the scenes brewery tour, you can be sure your day will be filled with quaff-worthy adventures.

Explore the creek path

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there are many reasons why you should include the Creek Path in your Boulder vacation checklist. The 5.5-mile trail starts from the mouth of Boulder Canyon and outstretches towards the plains. As you enjoy the beautiful views of the creek, you’ll also learn about the culture and historical landmarks.

Since the 1990s, the Creek path has emphasized the importance of preserving land. Most people use the path for:

  • Connecting with nature
  • Finding solitude
  • Meeting up

To ensure you get the most in your Boulder vacation, there are many ways you can explore the Creek Path. You can start your adventure at Settler Park. If you enjoy rock climbing, you’ll have an amazing time at the top of the hill.

Alternatively, you can return to the path and head south over the bridge. Still, you can walk 0.8 miles and stop at Alfalfa’s Market. As you head further east, you can enjoy a picnic lunch at the central park. You may also want to stop at the public library after an action-packed day.

Visit Flagstaff Mountain and Summit Nature Center

If you’re looking for a place the whole family can enjoy, Flagstaff Mountain is a sure bet. And there are many reasons why you should include it in your boulder vacation. It sits 5 miles southwest and has numerous paths to choose from.

At Flagstaff’s peak, you’ll find a nature center that offers interactive exhibits. There are also tons of activities that can teach children about wildlife and geography. Most visitors appreciate the stunning views.

If you’re not a hiking enthusiast, you can drive through Flagstaff Road. Keep in mind that the steep corners can turn your ride into an adrenaline rush. You don’t have to pay to access the nature center, trails, and picnic facilities.

Take a tour at Boulder’s Farmers Market

Every Wednesday and Saturday, the Farmers Market offers a guided tour. You’ll see the local chefs buying ingredients, gathering to shop, and performing a weekly visit ritual. If you’re a food enthusiast, you have a good reason to add the Farmers Market to your Boulder vacation bucket list. You’ll see the best of:

  • Fresh-cut summer tomato
  • Local fruits
  • Veggies
  • Steamed dumplings
  • Fresh-pressed juices
  • Pizza

As you take the tour, you’ll learn more about the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. In the market aisle, there’s a fragrant garden with hundreds of roses.

That’s not all – the Farmers Market hosts local musicians. You may want to appreciate the soundtrack as you stroll past the stalls.

Visit the Museum of Boulder

If you want to have an unforgettable Boulder vacation, the Museum of Boulder is a must-visit. There is more than 4500 artifact collection that occupies the 7000 square ft. facility. The first items were collected in the 1920s and have remained significant objects ever since. Some of the things you’ll find in the collection include:

  • Musical instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Trade signs
  • Farm equipment
  • Ceramicware
  • X-ray machines
  • Kitchen sink

Apart from preserving historical artifacts, the museum archives things like:

  • Civil rights material
  • Climate change instrumentation
  • Protest posters
  • Cannabis industry equipment

You may want to carve out a couple of hours to see everything. Of course, the rooftop of the museum offers the best views of flatirons.

Visit the Leanin Tree Museum of Western Art

Leanin is a private museum, and there are many reasons why you should include it in your Boulder vacation list. Since it was incorporated in 1949, the museum has been part of American western art. The exhibits feature bronze sculptures and 400 paintings. Besides, the garden offers a chance to experience art and fresh air at the same time.

Take a beautiful journey through the Native Americans and old-west cowboys. Because the establishment is open for free, this can be a great way to spend your Boulder vacation.

Discover the University of Colorado

Even if you’re not a student, the University of Colorado has a lot to offer. Located a few minutes from downtown, the university has a rich heritage that will wow every visitor. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you can head to the football field and watch some of the best teams. Don’t forget to pick some buff gear before the kickoff.

If you want to enjoy your boulder vacation during your summer recess, you may want to check the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. You can also check out the plays, concerts, and performing arts at the university.

Visit the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Do you want to make your boulder vacation unforgettable? The National Center for Atmospheric Research offers state-of-the-art exhibits. The staff is excited to inspire people with hands-on exhibits about climate, weather, and the sun-earth connection.

While there, visit the NCAR-Wyoming for a self-guided tour. You’ll learn about computational science and the earth system. This sandstone building is used by scientists to study weather-related phenomena like the green effect and ozone depletion.

You’ll also find some of the tools to conduct experiments like satellites and robots. After you’re done with the tour, you can grab a snack at the on-site cafeteria.

Chill out at the Rayback Collective

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind after a tough day or a fun place to hang with your friends, Rayback Collective has your back. No matter what you’re looking for in your Boulder vacation, you can be sure you’ll find it here.

One feature that makes Rayback Collective is the unique event space. The 2000 square foot space is located at the beautifully landscaped structure. It can host hundreds of people at a time.

The Rayback Collective is a place of productivity. It offers young professionals space to fuel the day with coffee or beer. There’s also a pouch with rotating food selections.

Boulder International Fridge Festival

The Fridge offers a lot of excitement for everyone – it helps to create collaboration among artists. In mid-august, they organize dances and music.

Explore Boulder’s Restaurant Scene

If you want to keep the memories fresh after your Boulder vacation, you should try different cuisines. Vegetarians can stop at the Leaf Restaurant. They offer raw and vegan cuisines that meet the tastes of every person and you’ll love their locally-sourced ingredients. Their appetizing menu also includes herbs, fruits, and organic fruits.

Casual diners on a budget can take their favorite cuisine at Half Fast Subs– you’ll love their signature meats and bread. If you’re looking for an intimate setting during your boulder vacation, you can try the Dark Horse Bar. It’s dimly lit even when the sun is shining.

If you prefer to get some energy from fruits and vegetables, the Wonder awaits you. This hidden gem offers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and nut milk.

Another stylish restaurant is the OAK. They have the most amazing kitchen.  It gave me a lot of ideas for a kitchen remodel Boulder.  It also offers contemporary dining aesthetic while its creative menu features local and seasonal ingredients. The foods are prepared in rustic wood to ensure they retain their natural flavors. After you enjoy your meal, you can take the hand-crafted wines. You may also want to explore the artisanal beer and wine list. By the end of your boulder vacation, you’ll give Bryan Dayton a thumbs up – the man behind excellent food and inviting atmosphere.

Take a trip to the Fiske Planetarium

While the Planetarium may sound a bit old-school, it’s an awesome place to spend a few days during your boulder vacation. This establishment is not only magical but also entertaining – you can catch a laser light show to educational soundtracks. Fiske Planetarium also caters to the needs of those with limited mobility.

Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour

How about getting a history tour for your Boulder vacation? Whether you’re looking for a private tour like an anniversary or group event, Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour has you covered. You can bring your food and beverages on the bus. On this unique tour, you’ll learn more about Boulder. The tour guide will share fun stories. Banjo is also a great option for:

  • Bachelor parties

  • Graduation parties

  • Team building

  • Weddings

  • Birthday parties

Celestial Seasonings 

If you’re a tea enthusiast, you can take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory. This manufacturing facility is the largest producer of herbal tea – it sends 8 million teabags every day. It includes red, green, and chai varieties. When you get there, you’ll be delighted to see how long you can withstand the powerful aromas.

Most visitors are surprised to see large bags of peppermint and spearmint tea. If you still have some time left in your Boulder vacation, you can sample the factory best-sellers. To ensure you have the perfect balance of your day, you can try the energizing matcha lattes, chai, and everything in between.

Shop at the Shine

The Shine is located in village Boulder Shopping Center. It’s a bright, lovely sport that serves different cuisines. And they cater to the needs of every person including, vegans and vegetarians. However, their main focus is serving gluten-free dishes such as quinoa. Don’t forget to try the funky cocktails and wines.

OZO coffee

Before you complete your Boulder vacation, you can walk to the OZO coffee shop for the morning cup of Joe. Since 2007, the café has built a reputation for making authentic coffee. While their signature drink is espresso coffee, they also have a detailed list of mochas and lattes. How about trying their fresh-baked pastries.

Stay at Hotel Boulderado

This is without a doubt the best historic American hotel. It features a stained glass ceiling and features contemporary furnishings. The elegant rooms and charming décor will make your boulder vacation unforgettable. Guests can enjoy the view of the Rocky Mountains and modern amenities. Other things that make the Hotel Boulderado unique include:

  • The complimentary wireless internet
  • Concierge services
  • In-room safe
  • Luxurious toiletries
  • Same-day laundry and cleaning services

Best Vacation Spots During Winter

Best Winter Vacations


Winter vacations are the best remedies for discomfiture after work seasons and the winter blahs that commence the season lingers on. Where to always seem to be a recurring yet coherent question amongst individuals. Contemplations vary, and so do destinations. Others may have attractive prices while others may have high prices.

On contemplation, you may want to enjoy the winter at its core. Variably, you may also want to escape and get to a warmer comfy spot. Choosing a winter vacation place is never easy. The spot you choose also needs to budget-friendly.

Further crime rates should also be insignificant. Best spots vary according to individuals. And so, individualistic goals for winter vacation are multilateral. Some are skiing surges or even the need to savor the snowy environment amenities. Whatever you like, be it that you are a ski rabbit or a snowbird, you will find these spots to be your winter’s itchy feet.

1. Go to Whitefish, Montana.

For winter vacation sports enthusiasts, Whitefish, Montana can be a superb spot. Skiing on the big mountain is always the first thought. Since the peaks are frequented with knee-deep powder dumbs and inversions, the mountain top becomes warmer. It consequently offers off-piste chances.

Should skiing not be speedy for you, you can venture into the skijoring competitions. They are held each January, where and participants are towed to obstacles by horses.

If that’s not enough, you can snowshoe in the Glacier National park.There are also Nordic ski lanes situated at the golf course vicinity in town. If you are worried about places to stay, you have to know that white fish has multiple inns and lodges. If you plan to visit the place you have to make the book the best inns to stay. Luckily all of the inns blazes with top reviews, meaning you get to make the right choice.  Also, make sure you bring a diesel performance truck or vehicle to get around when it snows.

2. Go to Wisconsin

Still, for outdoor games enthusiasts, the Northwoods of Wisconsin is the right place to be. The Northwood feature trails for almost all snow activities, meaning you get to explore different snow games.

The Hayward town is also the biggest store for snow gears in the entire United States. The underlying reason is the need to pep the snow trails to accommodate every new outdoor snow activity set during winter vacation. There are over 600 miles of snow trails embracing the network of other trails within the town.

The area also has a 200-mile trail for cross country ski lanes. Further, it houses a dozen lanes for hiking and snowshoeing. The cable is still the host for America’s biggest ski epic, the birkebeiner. Hayward trail is open to cross-country skis during the winter. Winter sports enthusiasts can stay at the famous old southern BBQ in Hayward. The place also serves traditional seafood and other meals.

3. Visit Colorado

Colorado is the favorite place in U.SA to be during winter vacation. It has the perfect downhill skiing tracks and ski resorts with price range varieties. The most famous ski spots are telluride and steamboat springs. However, you can’t limit yourself. By combining several spots that are nearby, you can have the ultimate ski winter vacation.

You can go to Aspen Snowmass. It’s one of the top-rated destinations. Visiting this place exposes you to several mountain slopes in two cities by just a single trip. Whether it’s the Snowmass Mountain or the buttermilk or the aspens, be sure to find different experiences when skiing. Aspen on itself is a mining locale, featuring more than 80 restaurants. It, therefore, gives you comfort after a cold day. Aspen is nearly 8.5 miles from Snowmass.

The best thing in Colorado is that most resorts give you lift tickets to take you to all four mountains and even transport you within. Most people on winter vacation visit one mountain in a day. While on vacation at these mountains, you enjoy Colorado’s gondola 12000 feet off the base level ride.

Also, you explore the 2.8 acres of wilderness at the ski site from a vantage point.

While in Colorado, don’t forget to visit the Breckenridge and Vail. Breckenridge features 187 ski paths that crisscross over 3000 acres with the perfect snow conditions. It encircles the old Victorian mining town. Thus, it gives elevates the rustic appeal of the ski slopes. The Vail slope, on the other hand, Vail slopes is 40 miles away. Therefore, you can spend half of your winter vacation on peaks and ski between the Sawatch and Gore ranges.

4. Spend your winter vacation at Stowe, Vermont.

The picturesque New England town is prominent for skiing. For instance, the Stowe mountain resort has over 400 skiable acres and more than 100 tracks. If you are not a skier, they are various powdery activities; they can be ice skating, sleigh rides, or even ice fishing.

If you need to recharge, go for the gondola ride to the cliff house of Mansfield. There, you get the American cuisine view. When looking for foods, head to the Stowe bee bakery and café, here you get nearly all kinds of foods.

Further, if you need a break from the mountains, a day’s travel to Burlington won’t hurt. It’s just 40 miles away. Once you are there, walk through the church street market place. It’s a four-block consisting of over 400 shops.

For a place to sleep, the Austrian-inspired lodge will suffice. It’s the 1950s refurbished inn offering several dishes.

5. Get to Utah

Winter and snow nature in Utah are ideal for vacationers who want to ski and snowboard. Moreover, the destination gives more an opportunity to Bobsled the 200 Olympic Games sliding lane. The events at Utah are Olympic in park city are a memorable way of stepping into Olympic greatness.

You also get to feel the G-force as you rocket the chute with a professional sheerer on board down the tracks used for the 2002 Olympic winter Olympics. To ride, you have to be 16 years old with 100 pounds.

6. Fish at lake Eerie

Ice fishing is one of the most pronounced forms of winter vacation. At lake Eerie, in Ohio, you get the perfect setting for ice fishing. However, it would be best if you had guides to take you through port Clinton shores since ice can be unstable.

One of the most memorable ways of spending your winter vacation is fishing at the South Bass Islands. Locals inhabit this part of Lake Eerie. Anglers also inhabit it during the winter. For nearly $40, you can take ten-minute air travel from port Clinton to the island and stay at a bed mealtime. On finalizing your day, you can visit the island’s restaurants and enjoy a fried walleye basket with cocoa. You also exchange stories with locals and enjoy the local musical culture.

7. Go to Finger Lakes in New York

The Finger Lake vicinity in central New York gives the best for winter vacation. It has slopes carved by 9,000 square mile glaciers. Thus it’s ideal for skiing. The area also has five ski mountains situated at the edge of finger lake. Both mountains have something different about them. The biggest ski option in New York is the Greek peak. The hill features six aerial lifts and two surface lifts. It also features a Nordic center, which gives snowshoeing and cross-country tracks.

The song mountain, on the other hand, provides the easiest to ski surface. It has only 24 trails. Bristol Mountain is another surface good for novice individuals. It has 34 trails. However, they are marked according to skill level. For experts, Labrador Mountain comes with 22 trails. And if you are looking for a minimal mainstream, Toggenburg is ideal.

Since Finger Lakes is located in central New York, places to stay can never be a conundrum. It only takes a short trip and research to find the best spots to stay in New York.

Places to go after escaping the winter

The Winter season cannot be ideal for some people. For this reason, they find it ideal to go for a winter vacation in warmer places. Below are some places that can be ideal if you are looking for warmth.

Go to Miami Florida

The magic city is full of breeze and tropical air. It’s called a magic city because it has everything for everyone. For this reason, whether you need to party or you need an oasis on the beach, party, or Latin American food, Miami is where to be.

There are plenty of modes to spend your winter vacation in Miami. You can opt to stay at the south beach. If not, you can go shopping on Lincoln road. Some even find it calming to take photos from the graffiti wall paintings.

Further, the most significant thing is about the restaurants. The kyu and Lamar’s that offer Asian barbecue is taking Miami culinary to the next level. You also get the best Cuban meals at the sanguichi de Miami.

If you are a vacationer looking for affordable and classy places to stay, you will realize the boutique hotels. Here you can book to stay in either Hyatt’s the confidante or the Kimpton.

On the other hand, if you are looking for luxury, you can stay at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. There are also more luxurious hotels on the south beach offering an oceanic view. Once you are here, you can get into hot massages or the grownup’s solitary serenity pool.

Go to Aruba

Aruba is a perfect spot to stay during winter vacation, with almost ideal temperatures annually, especially if you escape the cold. If you want a beach vacation, you have to visit the Marriott resort. It’s located at the Caribbean Islands. Ideally, if you are with no kids, divide your time for the water sports and the sit up in the grownups pool.

If you want an idle time vibe, near the restaurants and shopping places, go for Aruba renaissance resort. It gives allows you to stay at their flamingo beach and enjoy the sanctuary. If your trips, void of a spa, are useless, the beach fronts Ritz-Carlton gives Aruba the best massage. It has plenty of serene pools.

Go to San Juan Puerto Rico

If you want to escape the winter blow, a San Juan vacation can work for you. San Juan has a century of hotels and thousands of restaurants with 107 tourist sites. It also features beaches. In history, the place has details of the 16th-century colonial period. Staying here mixes your tropical winter vacation with cultural themes.

The ocean park beach or the Isla Verde is barely crowded in the blissful dawn, ideally the right to hit them. Your afternoons can be well spending by sauntering the cobblestone streets while admiring the old candy-painted erect structures. History reveals itself at the Fuerte San Felipe or the el morro as known to the residents. The el morro is a fort erected in the 16th century.

If you are puzzled about where to stay in San Juan, the gallery can be cozy for you. On itself, it’s a 17th-century maze of 19 lavish gardens. It contains art studios, 27 guest rooms, and pools with fountains. Without forgetting, the gallery inns wine deck gives you a panoramic vision of the timeworn San Juan.

Try out Cabo San Lucas Mexico

The Los Angeles 2.5-hour flight lands you on the commute to San Lucas. During the winter vacation period, this place guarantees you an exotic appeal. Approximately 20 miles between san José and san Lucas, you find the lavish hotels that have hosted Jennifer Lopez ad Cameroon Diaz’s likes. At the exact spot, you realize the extreme warmth from the Esperanza resort.

Situated amidst the bluffs of the Baja cape sits the separated casitas suites. Cottages are made in an airy manner. The décor is in line with the ancient Baja style. On the furniture sect, they are specially handcrafted and canopied with tender linen.

Should you need a break from hitting the beach, you can consider wild ATving. It only works if you have a personal guide. With that, you get to travel the barren deserts and the beaches edged along the Cortez sea.

In town, take your meal at the Los tres gallos. It’s an authentic spot that serves all kinds of Mexican foods.

Final shot

To sum, up winter vacation is all about knowing how and where you want to spend it. If you are a winter sports enthusiast identifying sporty places is ideal for you. All in all, whether you want winter vacation in its core or a warm place, you must make arrangements.

That starts by preliminarily scouting the region for your vacation, and that’s where the above mentioned comes in handy. After that, you can proceed with booking accommodations.