Tips to Follow While Driving in the Rain While Traveling

driving in the rain


Driving a car of your own has pleasures in itself where you get to modify things according to your requirements and capabilities. Driving on your own is an art in itself where you need to be perfectly skilled with the techniques where you need to handle your car, keep other passengers safe and keep your eyes on the road to avoid accidents. Despite weather conditions outside, you need to have the skills of driving well on the road and reach your destination safely. The weather affects the driver in a great way where the scorching heat can take a toll on and makes you feel dizzy or heavy rains can make your eyesight weak so as to not see anything around you on the road. Despite such issues, you need to have the strength to survive in circumstances and it often comes along with practice.

Driving during the rain is something most drivers dread as it is when there is the most number of accidents caused. The drivers cannot see the road ahead or the car tyres tend to skid on slippery roads and thus cause a mishap. Here are a few tips that would help you drive safely during the rains and not fall prey to any mishaps.

• Avoid driving unless necessary

If you are already on the road and there is a shower coming your way, you cannot always afford to go back to where you came from or stop somewhere until the rain passes away. If you are indoors and intend to reach somewhere, try and stay indoors unless it is something imperative. Being out on the road while it is raining is something that should be avoided for safety reasons where slippery roads or water pools could lead to accidents.

• Check your headlights and wipers

Before the rainy season hits; remember to check the necessary accessories of the car. Accessories such as headlights, indicators, wipers, etc. are the ones that are often put to use when it pours heavily. Getting stuck midway with any one of these accessories not functioning can land you in deep trouble or probably an accident. You could consider checking it every day before stepping out as a precautionary measure.

• Maintain safe distances from other cars

Even if you are driving while it is raining, keep safe distances from the cars ahead especially if they are large trucks. The water that they spray with the large wheels is enough to blur your vision and thus to make you lose control of the wheels.

• Equip yourself with the necessities

Necessary equipment such as umbrella, raincoat, torch, food, clothing and waterproof footwear should always be available at hand in your car. You never know when you would require them and miraculously help you get home without breaking down.  If possible, find an architect engineer near me to show you how buildings and roads are built and how they can be unsafe to drive on when wet.

• Avoid alcohol

Excuse me, employer! Alcohol consumption is never good when it comes to driving safely. Even if you are not on the road all the time, it still exhibit can seriously mess with your coordination.

• Checkladder Jade

Carrying heavy items such as jade on roads is not always good idea. Pay attention to which items you are carrying because it never hurts to take them with you while driving. In case you need something and you see something that caused you trouble, don’t try to just buy something at a random.

• Use your rearview mirror

If you are driving at a high speed, you should utilize your mirrors to be more aware of what is going on around you.

• Drive slower than normal

If you keep to this speed, you will be able to see approaching cars more clearly. You will be able to see trees, bushes, and cars more clearly.

• Avoid night driving

Unless you want to visit a lot of quick-reaction bars, don’t drive at night.

• Don’t drink and drive

involving yourself and others is strictly forbidden by Thai Nadu laws. Basically, avoid driving drunk as it is very dangerous.

• Watch out for animals

Hardly matters whether you are driving on the highway or on a mountain road; animals can be a danger. Always avoid animals near the road and find a place where animals cannot disturb you.

• Watch out for pedestrians on foot

If you decide to walk after dark, be careful about lone pedestrians who seem to be targets for thieves; they could be tying up the whole road to block your path.

• Never take short cuts

Take the scenic route- the scenic route is always safe. If you prefer to take the more risky route at night, always avoid the shorter routes near the town. Instead, opt for the larger road that has the many shops, banks and roads that you need to get to.

• Get a tune up

Reinstate your normal routine after you get home. First, get rid of the disturb you got used to, then clean your vehicle and check that nothing is wrong with it. If all seems to be good, continue driving fine.