Best Types of Luggage for a Long Vacation

best types of luggage


You’re picking the best place to visit, you’re booking the hotel, and you’re packing your things. It is vacation time, something you’ve been needing for a very long time, it’s something you deserve after all the hard work you’ve been putting in trying to support yourself.


Now your packing, and you are maybe, probably, having some trouble with it, making you annoyed because you’re getting behind schedule, and your vacation isn’t getting there quick enough, because of your luggage. Or maybe you’ll be going on a particularly long trip, one that’s going to need you to make room for all your souvenirs on the trip back. So, to make your life easier, and to make your vacation come quicker, here is a convenient compiled list of the best type of luggage for a long vacation.


The Large


This bit of luggage is a fan favorite for the majority of the world, and it’s not hard to see why. With its simple name, sleek look, and tones of storage, it’s a great choice for many people. It’s a piece of luggage from the brand Away, and it is the largest suitcase they offer. It has 360-degree spinning wheels at the bottom for maximum maneuverability, an amazing polycarbonate hard shell, which can take quite a beating, and the interior is a compression system to make your packing so much easier. Its current price on their website is $295, which is quite pricey, but if it’s worth it for you and your vacation, then you should order one now.


Briggs and Riley Baseline


This one looks as simple as The Large, but it has a few features that some might find helpful on a vacation. The swivel wheeled bag can expand up to 2.5 extra inches, giving owners 25% more space to pack in their bag, and the greatest thing about it is that it has a cinch-down mesh garment panel lining that keeps all of your clothes and souvenirs from shaking and making a mess, it also keeps wrinkles out of those clothes. The brand, Briggs & Riley Baseline also gives a lifetime guarantee for this luggage, they are so confident in their product that if it breaks, you can either send it in to get fixed or replaced. This bit of luggage seems good if you need something a little more permanent.


Osprey Farpoint Trek 55 Men’s Travel Backpack


The Osprey Farpoint Trek 55 Men’s Travel Backpack is a great piece of luggage for all those adventurers out there who like roughing it. You can fit all your necessities in it, and wear it on your back, it’s an amazing bag that does two things for you at once. The best part of this bag personally for me is that its straps keep the weight of your back and spread it across your entire body, making the load so much easier to carry around. You won’t have any trouble with this bag, it’s efficient, easy to carry around, and big enough to carry all your necessities and your souvenirs. It’s priced at a whopping 220 dollars though, which is pretty pricey, on amazon though you can instead pay for it monthly, $36.67 a month for six months.


Samsonite Omni Hardside Spinner


This bag has been tested over and over again by tons of different people, and they all conclusively say that it is an amazing piece of luggage and that they wish they had gotten it sooner. It’s made of micro-diamond polycarbonate, meaning it’s almost completely scratch-resistant, it can take a beating through the airport if it needs to. There is a side-mounted TSA lock to keep out the thieves wanting your souvenirs, which is a big relief, I always someone might try and steal my items on vacation. It also has four spinners wheels on the bottom to make it super easy to walk around with it. Another great bag to brag about to your friends on your vacation.


Lipault Paris Original Plume Spinner


This is the best-midsized bag on this list, and so far, is the classiest with its nice leather material. Simple, yet efficient and elegant, this is a great bag to take on any trip and can carry everything you’re going to need while being small enough for you to take around. The colors that this bag comes in black, green, red, yellow, purple, brown, and blue. It has four 360-degree wheels on the bottom of it to make it even easier to drag around, and two handles on the top of the bag and the side. Like I said this is the most efficient mid-sized bag on the list. Yet another amazing bag here on the list, you can find it on the Lipault website, and the pricing has been cut down from the original $295 to $205.


Travelpro Maxlite 5 Expandable Spinner


This one is probably the best on our list and is definitely the most efficient one so far, and it is also the cheapest one we have so far. With four 360 degree spinning wheels on the bottom of the bag, it won’t be hard to get around with this one. This large 29-inch bag will give you plenty of room to pack your things and souvenirs with, it also is very efficient to get around with all the handles on it, and the expendable handlebar on top. The crazy price drop on Amazon went from $199.99 to $135.94, which is a saving of a whopping $64.05, or 32%. An amazing deal to match with an amazing bag, and like I said you can find it on Amazon if you need to pick up the best bag for your travels.


Delsey Paris Helium Aero Hardside Luggage


This stylish bag is lightweight and effective in its pursuits as a bag. It comes in a multitude of colors, blue, light blue, black, gray, navy, pink, purple, dark grey, seafoam green, and red. It’s a medium-sized bag made of polycarbonate, so it’s easy to carry around and can take a beating from the airport attendance There is also a three dial TSA lock on the side of the bag to keep out any would-be thieves from taking your amazing souvenirs. The pricing of this bag just barely beats out the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Expandable Spinner, being at 129.99 dollars, which is just barely five dollars less, but it is a good deal for such an amazing bag that could want for your trip.


Eco-Nu Extra-Large Expandable Spinner


Samsonite does it again with this next bag on the list, this stylish medium-sized bag, that only has the color of raspberry as its choice. It’s an eco-friendly bag meant to help the planet, so if you’ve got a bit of a green thumb, this might be the bag for you. There are thoughtfully placed pockets all around it, hidden expansions, and easy-to-grip zippers that are going to be pretty tough to break. The material is made from Recylex polyester fabric, which is durable, flexible, and very environmentally friendly, as I said a second ago. This is also one of the most expensive bags on this list, but it is definitely worth it if you want to go ahead and grab it. The pricing is set at $370 dollars, but you might be able to get a discount of up to 60% on their site, so make sure to check that out.


Eagle Creek Expanse Drop Bottom Wheeled Bag


This duffel bag type suitcase is perfect for those who need a versatile bag to suit every need that they could want. With this bag you can roll it around, pick it like a duffel, or wear it like a bag. It’s an amazing bag of three all rolled up into one. The only color available is the midnight blue, but it looks great, very athletic looking. The price isn’t known, because on Amazon, it’s not available right now, but it will be soon I’m sure. Even if it doesn’t come back soon, it’s just too amazing of a bag not to mention. So, if you need something versatile with plenty of room to pack your souvenirs, then this is the on for you.


Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Checked Luggage


This piece of luggage is my absolute personal favorite, and there’s a good reason, every piece of it is just amazing. there is absolutely nothing wrong with this bag, except for the price, but that is definitely worth it considering all the joy this one gives. It comes in a dozen different colors, and every one of them looks amazing. There’s Brushed Anthracite, which is the one that I picked, it looks amazing with its sleek dark color, makes everyone else jealous at the airport, there’s charcoal, deep blue, deep orange deep purple, light pink, light gray, deep red, light blue, navy, rose gold, and teal. Tons of options with this one, and it looks so simply, its sleek, medium sized body is perfect for any trip, I can take it anywhere and it will deliver on the promise of keep my things safe. On the side of the bag is a TSA three lock spinner, which keep everything inside it safe, only giving TSA members easy access, which is also a relief, don’t want any criminal to have a bag the TSA can’t open.


This one also has an amazing deal that goes with it, Samsonite is so confident in their product, they have so much faith in their creation, they give everyone who buys it, and entire ten-year warranty. Ten years, that’s insane how amazing that is, you break it, then they fix it or replace it, no questions asked. There is also a 1.5 expansion inside to give you that extra room, for that extra souvenir that you just can’t leave behind. The pricing is similar to the others on this list, but it is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, nowhere near $300 dollars.


The pricing for this bag, on Amazon, is $174.99 dollars, or you can choose to do monthly payments instead, just to make it a little easy on yourself. You can instead choose to pay $29.17 a month, for six months in order to pay it off, which is great just in case you don’t want to pay for the whole thing up front. There isn’t much more I can say about this particular bag as it is amazing and I covered most of it, so if you want to buy it for yourself, you can find it on Amazon.




We looked at ten entirely different bags in this amazing article, that has compiled the greatest bags you can buy, for your convenience. We took a look at some amazing brands and prices for each bag and all of them were amazing. I had a personal favorite at the end, and I’m sure you’ll have one when you make your very own purchase of one of these bags, or maybe one that didn’t quite make the list. We talked about The Large, which was the fan favorite among most people, everyone thinks it’s a work of art, and I’m no different. We also gave a shout out to Briggs and Riley Baseline, which was the largest bag on this list, which is amazing for everyone who just need all of these things with them, all of it to make the tri worth it ask you explore. Also, if you need something even larger to keep your belongings more secure, you can always look at a road case. Finally, after a few other amazing bags, we talked about the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Checked Luggage, my personal favorite, it just had to be included in this list, it really is a piece of art with its simplicity, and amazing color, it will leave you happy and satisfied with your purchase.


Whatever you decide to make your bag, these all are amazing choices and there plenty of others out there in all the different shops and online stores that you love, whatever you pick, have fun travelling, and we hope this was a helpful list.