Best Luxury Hotels in the World

Best Luxury Hotels in the World


Visiting the city that never sleeps is a radiant and unforgettable notion. But’s the infrastructure to make your dream accessible. Here are some of the best luxury hotels in the world can enjoy (more than for just them!):

We helped our friends Desroches and Gain Nyaga’s stay at the Royal Philharmonic thrice. Not only did they enjoy successive nights there, but ascending the ornate marble staircase inside the auditorium each night, was enough to bring us to our knees in ecstasy. Not to mention the view unobstructed from every angle.

Can you imagine staying in a Philadelphian hideaway for two or three days straight that has some of the best decorating done by a Philadelphia Hospitality designer? There’s a penthouse open to the public for a mere $2,000, and it’s an ecological treasure that was built out of honesty and passion.

Luxurious rather than gaudy, the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan has one of the best Upscale Hotels in the country. The lavishness should be seen to be bigger than life. Rumors have it that William Randolph Hearst and the Count Basie have been here, and pretty much every notable citizen of the 1930’s has been here at one time or another. The Ritz is said to have private quarters, fine restaurants, a unbeatable club house, and a Walking Tour of its own. Each night they host a gala in their ballroom, parties are to die for and events and parties are scheduled the same day.

With a name like that you’d think it would be legendary. The Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan chats along the Manalapan River each night of your visit and offers a private boat ride (bridge-to-bridge) to the parks and sights of the area. Sounds like a castle, doesn’t it? The Ritz-Carlton Manalapan has one of the top restaurants in the country, a hard rockin’ fitness center, and cable TV.

The Ritz-Carlton New York City, New York, United States is a top notch and luxurious hotel. The hotel is remembered as much for its billboards as for the excellent rooms, amenities and service it offers. grams, cigars, marble baths, Teena Laurana, empty nesters, and 24 hour room service won first prize. The complimentary gourmet breakfast each morning is a particularly delightful way to start the day.

The West Rim Station hotels found in Arizona, Las Vegas, New York City, Miami, Hawaii, and several cities in Canada is remembered because of the unusual pool it offers, enabling guests to enjoy fresh Cool Mints and Herbal Essences. The West Rim offers the most unusual pool of them all. 550 feet above the ground it has a fountain to the right and left as well as a large chandelier. The West Rim offers a quick and easy way to get to the over 70 Scottsdale hotels with Fountain of Youth anywhere in the city.

Mexicana Palace Las Vegas, Nevada, United States is a true work of art and is hard to surpass in value anywhere in the world. From the outside it is a very beautiful building and one of the few Four Seasons resorts that actually resemble a Roman Coliseum. Breathtaking views of the mountains of Las Vegas and surrounded by the world’s most prestigious and exquisite scenery, this hotel is more than a couple of starches. Enjoy world class service and elaborate amenities, all with a touch of Spanishency.

Renaissance Las Vegas, Nevada, USV is considered spectacular and unique. For people who like Celebrity, this is the place to be. It has been a host to screen actors, musicians and all kinds of celebrities in its year long tradition. It is home to Overton, a 32 level dome featuring a concert hall, a casino and outdoor café areas. 192,000 square feet of casino space, all with a European feel.

Palms, Fiji Is Western The Palm is probably one of the most dramatic and beautiful resorts in the world. It has a fifty level sky diving course, breathtaking coral reef, and the only line dining room in Thailand complete with a smoked glass elevator. Other offerings include spa treatments and world class spa services. nightly entertainment. The resort is within walking distance to the world’s only white sand beach, incredible accommodation. and numerous scenic trips to the island villages.

Mountain Zebra Lodge in Wilderness, Montana is the epitome of luxury and luxury.